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One Brand, One Voice
Brands are complex creatures with many moving parts, including the most unpredictable part of all: people. We are all participants of brands, whether as an employee, a consumer or just a casual observer.

The strongest brands unify all parties involved under a common vision.

The process of defining that vision starts with some serious digging.
I figure out what makes your brand truly, madly, deeply special. Why do your employees want to work here? Why do your customers want to shop here? It’s completely intangible and sometimes it’s buried under layers of not-quite-right attempts, but the heart of your brand is there and I relish the challenge of finding it.

Why is it important? Because having one brand anthem that resonates with employees, customers, etc. is the perpetual motion machine of brand loyalty. Employees who are engaged in their brand become ambassadors for it and create a better experience for customers. And customers reward a good experience with repeat business and advocacy. In other words, Branding is the secret sauce of any sustainable product or service.

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