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Membership Menu & Online Application


Membership Menu:

Would you like details on what membership types are available?  Check our our Membership Menu by clicking on the image below.

Membership Menu 

Online Application:

The quickest and easiest way to become a member is by completing our online application. Once it has been submitted, a member of our team will contact you to follow-up and welcome you. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Select An Option

Elite Membership

Your business benefits from a strong local economy, and the Elite Membership was created for you to support the guardian of your economic prosperity.  In doing so, you’ll receive some nice perks along the way.

Elite Membership offers exclusive features, such as a complimentary team registration in our popular golf tournament and your company logo on the Chamber's home page.

Annual Membership Dues: Elite $6,750 (Value is Priceless)

Corporate Membership

Representing the interests of business with government is a service we provide so you can focus on our business, not on government regulation.  If your business – or your customers – benefit from less red tape, your Corporate Membership supports the Chamber’s public policy efforts, and connects you to others who share your interests.

Annual Membership Dues: $3,380 (Valued at $4,710)

Executive Membership

The St. Charles Regional Chamber takes political action on issues that unfairly target the business community or a particular industry. The Chamber is there with the contacts and know-how to cut through the red tape that keeps businesses from growing. As an Executive Member, you are supporting our ability to take political action for your business.

Annual Membership Dues:  $1,752 annually (Valued at $2935)

Autopay 12 payments of $146 per month or pay one annual payment of $1690 and save $62.

Enhanced Membership

As an entrepreneur, you have to be a smart buyer.  Our Enhanced Membership is a smart decision for businesses who want greater visibility. Members at this level receive perks like advertising visibility on with your membership.

Annual Membership Dues: $708 (Valued at $1,905) 

Autopay 12 payments of $59 per month or pay one annual payment of $680 and save $28.

Basic Membership

Why be a member of the St. Charles Regional Chamber?  Better connections, to start.  Build relationships with other businesses – and the community – with this entry level membership.

Annual Membership Dues: $360 annually / $30 per month

Autopay 12 payments of $30 per month or pay one annual payment of $340 and save $20.

Additional Location/Listing Membership

This option is available for businesses with multiple locations or for members who have a second business.

Annual Membership Dues: $115 annually

Not-for-Profit Membership

Only available to non-profit businesses with zero paid employees.

Annual Membership Dues: $170 annually

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