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E-Waste: From Challenge to Opportunity

E-Waste: From Challenge to Opportunity

St. Charles County

We live and work in a rapidly evolving tech-driven world. Now is the time for your organization to look at your electronic waste processes and create long-term sustainability solutions to: 

Expand your Corporate Social Responsibility 

Improve your business reputation 

Reduce environmental impact 

Maximize ROI on electronics 

Achieve cost savings through efficiency & value recovery 

For companies that are at the beginning of the e-waste journey, it can be confusing and overwhelming.  Let Didion Orf Recycling help. Our e-waste experts can talk with you about the importance of: 

Quantifying your e-waste and the associated costs. 

Understanding the difference in e-waste handling. (It is critical to utilize Certified electronics recycler to minimize reputational damage.) 

Investigating how e-waste changes within your organization can impact your company's sustainability goals. 

Recognizing and capturing the ROI through e-waste initiatives. At Didion Orf Recycling, a Certified R2 e-cycler, we are your assurance that your equipment, data, and reputation are safe.  

Contact us at 636-397-6060 or via email to to begin your company's e-waste management journey. Join us in doing what's right for a better tomorrow.  Electronics and metal recycler

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